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LadyMacbeth ~ hope your discussion last night went well. I was lead to this thread I believe since we are going through as similiar situtation with my bf of almost 3 years; this is his first true 'run at dating' and he BLEW IT..ok my opinion..we are communicating through it with much of the advice that I have seen here; thank you everyone for sharing!

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Hi Lady,
Some thoughts on this and more..........
If you think about this, it seems to me this is pretty stereotypical dating behavior for the mono world - which is obviously where he comes from (and still is to a large degree). Maybe you should rethink your expectations. You really are more in the role of a teacher at this point than an equal. Make sense ?
I do want to mention to GS that as much as I know what you said here is true when feelings are hurt and exposed, for whatever reason it's hard to be both the 'scorned lover' and counsel.

I give much credit to my mindset for open communication to allow me to not want to kick the cheating bastard out(sarcasim)...because as much as we have communicated and learned in the last three years, as much as I though he really understood the ground rules obviously there is still something we missed.

Hugz and best wishes - Elaine
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