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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
So in that regard I suppose I could call it a need, in that if I don't get it for long enough it will become a relationship deal breaker. I feel pretty cold saying it that way, but it's true.
I don't think it's cold at all. Deaths are tricky and they do sometimes end relationships.

For me, lack of a sexual relationship for a prolonged period of time would also mark a major change. Maybe the relationship would become a friendship or maybe I'd remain with the person and be their carer (if illness was the cause of the end of the sexual element).

Depending on the circumstances, I wouldn't necessarily seek any other romantic relationships. I see absolutely no need for anybody other than myself to have an excellent sex life and I have plenty of friends who provide emotional support and fun.

But I wouldn't remain in a romantic relationship with a person I wasn't having sex with.
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