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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
But you seem to be patient and understanding, so I'm sure everything will work out in time.
I don't see this as being a long standing issue. She's dealing with some pretty serious heart break but she's reasonable, intelligent, and introspective so I see her coming out happier and healthier than when she began. Once that happens I don't imagine there will be any hurdles to our relationship becoming romantic again.

She came home last night and crumpled into my arms. I was watching some UFC so she laid there with me, crying and very upset. The drama of the details surrounding the suicide are causing her mother a great deal of pain and IV is affected deeply by it. My Irish "feed it" instinct kicked in and I tried to offer to cook her some food, fetch her a drink, deliver some kind of comfort to her - she declined. So, we laid there, I pet her, we quietly watched the fights, she wept.

I try not to share peoples pain, to let it hurt me, but my god it's crushing to feel her tears hit my skin. I'm a smart enough human to resist the urge to try and fix it but I WANT to TRY! Seeing her like this is just freaking torture. Instead, I use my better judgment, shut my "helpful" mouth, and try not to cry in her hair.
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