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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Because I've always considered those to be bullshit excuses.

That's an idea, I like it.
It's not bullshit to be tactful and kind. There is no reason to tell someone you smell weird to me and so I can't bang you, even if that is true. Brutal honesty is sometimes just brutal. Sometimes it is necessary. This is not one of those times. After all she can't fix her smell. (I assume she bathes? Uses deodorants?)

And for the love of all, do not buy her perfume! Some people hate perfume (like me), it makes some people sick (like many of my friends). Even if she does like perfume, that is a very, very individual choice. It sounds like you may not know her well enough to know her perfume preferences.

And even if you do know her preferences, it still smacks of giving the smelly kid in high school a stick of deodorant instead of telling him 'hey man, bath more.' That's cruel. The two situations are not equivalent. Bad hygiene is fixable. Innate smell compatability is not.

Also, layering perfume on her will not fix her 'off' smell for you. Been there, tried that. Does not work.
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