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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Hmm.. except "heteronormative" just means you fit succinctly in the heterosexual box. It doesn't imply that you have anything against homosexuality. So by analogy, mononormative just means you're naturally inclined towards monogamy, not that you necessarily have anything against polyamory.
That's not how I've seen the word used. Heteronormative doesn't mean heterosexual. It means considering heterosexuality the norm to such an extent as to make no room for non-heterosexuality. It can mean assuming that everyone is straight, for instance, and ask females about their boyfriends and males about their girlfriends without considering that they might have someone of the same gender in their life. It can also mean, going further, saying that because heterosexuality is the norm, then anything else is abnormal and wrong.

Any time I've seen the word heteronormative being used, it's been clearly used to show that people were either active bigots, or simply blind to alternatives (straight privilege would be a synonym of the latter).
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