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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
This discussion has been of particular interest to me of late.

As long as we are using monogamy to mean: romantic exclusivity (sexual and emotional), I disagree that monogamy does not preclude autonomy.

At the heart of this relationship structure is the prohibiting of freedom to act. "If you want to be in a relationship with me you may not have sex with or fall in love with anyone but me". This denies autonomy right out of the gate.
There's a difference between "you may not have sex with or fall in love with anyone but me" and "I choose to have relationships with only those people who have chosen monogamy." The latter in no way precludes autonomy. It's just a statement of the kind of relationships that person is willing to form. If two people are seeking monogamy, and both willingly, voluntarily, and wholeheartedly agree to be monogamous, in what way are they limiting one another's autonomy?

An agreement is a choice. You can choose not to agree. Autonomy is nothing but the ability to make a choice. If you go around telling people that they cannot choose monogamy, are you not denying their autonomy? And by extension, denying the autonomy of those who choose to have relationships with others who choose monogamy?

In essence, what you're saying is that no one may choose to have a monogamous relationship. So much for autonomy.
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