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I am sorry you are hurting.

You have brought things up before:
  • follow through on promises
  • communicate with you in the ways you prefer and do not TMI me
  • do not threaten to break up with me as a means to get your own way -- that emotional manipulation. (And if he does it like that again, agree! And STAY broken up. Do not get back together.)

The relationship is 3 years old so you have a good gauge on his "typical behavior. It's been long enough.

What % would you give him for changing his ways to be considerate of you and not ding you on purpose OR thoughtlessly? 50% likely? Less? More?

If he NEVER changes, you are satisfied/unsatisfied with this relationship as it stands?

I get they vibe you are not satisfied, and you wish he would change but see he doesn't/won't. You wouldn't want him for a primary and don't love some of his behaviors.

Are you sad because you are thinking about breaking up and need comfort? How can the forum be comforting/helpful to you at this time? What are your needs?


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