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Originally Posted by purpleboots View Post
And boringguy, I know, I feel like I'm the only one being an adult about this, and considering my state, that does not bode well. What about the 3 current kids? Adding H as another parent in the household might be easyish with my son, as he is only 2, but the others are older, their parents broke up three years ago and they gained a stepparent. Another one now? And when the NRE ends is their relationship strong enough to withstand parenting at all, let alone parenting such an unconventional blended family? Yeah, they weren't thinking. Someone should stop them. But I can't, no one can.

I'm glad you don't feel like I'm attacking you, because I'm not. I really feel helpless on your behalf. Granted, you did make choices that got you where you are, but you all need to deal with the situation MOVING FORWARD, as you seem to understand, and recklessly making babies like there's no tomorrow in sight is just... it makes me ache for the current and potential children and the fact that there is nothing in your or my power we can do about it..
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