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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
I do try to talk to my huband about how I feel but it is no use... he says this is my world and my house and if you dont like it leave. So what is that all about?! I am not entitled to my feelings or opnions?
I've been with my wife a similar amount of time. While we sometimes have fallen into patterns where someones needs occasionally get neglected. Fortunately we fight good! There's a cycle that'll kick in where we can talk about these things and we each can ante up to make changes as required to resolve these things (for her this has included some similar requests as yours about needing time and attention). This is something that served us well before and during our marriage up to this point, even before we started talking about opening it up.

Your bit above that I've quoted frankly blows my mind. If I made a comment like that, I'd probably be sleeping in a tent in the backyard faster than the 8 seconds that a rodeo bull gets to buck the rider! And it'd be more exciting to watch too, I'm least for the neighbors.
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