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They're caught up in the NRE and not thinking straight obviously. They have acknowledged this but if this baby happens, you're right, there's no stopping it from continuing. Thetes also no way of knowing if he's going to,meet someone else down the line and start making babies with her too! I suppose there is no point in fearing all these what ifs but I'm already feeling insecure enough and I can't help these thoughts. In the short term I guess I just need to go back to dealing with my.own jealousy and insecurity when they have sex without me, but wondering if its going to lead to more children makes it even more difficult. I currently have three children depending on me and a neighbours kid over and H and G are both working late and I feel overwhelmed. I should be focusing on the kids, I want to be, and instead I'm just anemotional train wreck. Trying to keep it together so the kids don't see. God I'm tired.
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