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Thanks Kevin. I am focusing on my situation and not whether fmf triads 'tend to fail' or not. Went and talked with G this afternoon. Nothing is resolved. I don't feel better. He agrees that its crazy and rash but was pretty unapologetic. I don't know what I expected. He says he still loves me and wants to just take things one day at a time. I don't know.I feel like crap. I always end up leaving these conversations feeling like an irrational malcontent who just makes problems for herself. I don't want to leave, but maybe I have to. I don't know what's best. I am unhappy and anxious more than I want to be, but will that be any different when I am living alone on welfare with a toddler and an infant? No. I don't think that 'i.just couldbt help myself' is a reasonable excuse. He didn't promise not to do it again and I know I can't trust him to. I don't know, maybe I am a malcontent. Or maybe my baby brain is just trying to nest and finding it very difficult. He says I'm always like this, that its always something. Maybe that's true. Or maybe its just that his threshold for accepting stress and difficult interpersonal relations is just higher than mine and I keep ending up in situations that make me uncomfortable. I can't take feeling like this anymore though. I've been cryjng all day and I'm so tired.
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