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I can relate to the sensation of belonging to a different planet; I've had the sensation, although I didn't go so far as designing a belief system around it. I've also gone through various stages of not having too high an opinion of (Christianity's) God. These days I kind of shrug my shoulders and figure everyone believes in a slightly different God, which they are welcome to do if it's what brings them happiness.

Re: the future ... I fancy that eventually technology will change things on an order of magnitude that we couldn't even imagine or comprehend at present. I know some view technology as evil, dysfunctional, or "playing God," but I have a more optimistic view of it. Like language and physical form, it won't evolve perfectly, but it will evolve and gradually improve. Right now it's enough that we figure out what to do with the knowledge we have, but far future generations will have far more to play with.

Re: well-adjusted human beings ... it's not healthy to be perfectly happy with the world that we have since there is much amiss with it. However for the sake of sanity and endurance we need a certain amount of ability to just enjoy/appreciate the here and now. Each person needs to find their own balancing point as far as loving or hating this brief mortal life is concerned. It's lucky at least that we have a forum like this where we can talk and ponder these things.
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