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Originally Posted by Nadya View Post
Lately I have been thinking a lot about the subject of coming out - what it is actually, and of course how open I would like to be about my situation. As it is, very few people know about my poly situation and it feels like it is time to inform a few more people... Have come to the conclusion that I will tell first to those people I trust the most in order to have a support network for those times when judgemental people find out or when there starts to be gossiping about us in our surroundings... I see those as very likely to happen and want to be strong enough to handle it when it does.

In a more theoretical level I have been pondering about what is the difference between being closeted and being private... I think the important difference is whether there is fear involved in the thought that somebody would find out. You are in the closet if you are scared of being exposed. If there is no fear and you just do not feel the need to tell people about your life, you are being private. Any thoughts about this? Do you agree or disagree? Why?
why do it if your scared?privatice is your right.people change everyday oneday they like you the next they dont for whatever reason,jus b urself it will all be ok.jus remember this "keep ur head up and ur chest out ",most of all SMILE.
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