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Originally Posted by JessieNY View Post
I am sorry to ramble on but I fail to see how adding someone at this point would help matters.
I do try to talk to my huband about how I feel but it is no use... he says this is my world and my house and if you dont like it leave. So what is that all about?! I am not entitled to my feelings or opnions?
RED FLAG!! You are totally right on all accounts and don't let anyone tell you different. Adding to a clearly strained relationship is not healthy. Sounds to me like he wants more for himself, and gave you one very big ultimatum.
Poly relationships need a solid foundation, trust, communication, negotiation, and respect. Your relationship does not show signs of any of these in regards to his attitude and already neglectful treatment of you.

You need to seriously look at why you are with him in the first place..maybe his ultimatum is the healthiest choice?

Sorry for the bluntness.
Take care of yourself

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