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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Triads are unpopular for a reason, it always goes tits up in one way or another, you are just experiencing one of the many ways. I am sorry about that

Triads don't "always go tits up" (is "tits-down" supposed to mean something was successful?), but you don't see people in "successful" triads posting about their problems on forums and asking for advice from strangers how to make it NOT work.

I see two problems with most of the "tits-up" triads:

First, everyone is "equal", but someone(s) is/are always more "equal" than the other(s).

And second - when it is a FMF triad, the problem usually centers around making babies (I say "usually" to mean "when the women are of childbearing age and don't have any yet").

So yeah, since most of the cases of triads we see on here usually involve those two ingredients to a significant extent, they usually "always go tits-up".
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