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I can't imagine that uprooting my life and going on social assistance or moving into a women's shelter is better than staying in this difficult situation. I have considered it. I don't have enough work experience or a strong enough skillset to get a good job right now, nor can I even really fathom it with a new baby on the way. I want to make it work. I was.just sooooo not ready to cement this triad so quickly. We are still working out all sorta of kinks in the dynamic, which is normal, and I think its going pretty well, but this? It's too much. Our home isn't even really big enough for the baby to come once she moves to her own room, but manageable. Another baby? No way. Two infants in a three parent five child hpusehold? Crazy! Obviously, the fifth baby is still hypothetical but, my god, what were they thinking? We needed to talk first, not deal with a surprise pregnancy because they were caught up in the moment. I am meeting G for lunch this afternoon to talk. It won't change what happened but at least I can find out how he feels. I had a nice conversation with H, but I worry I will get too emotional w G and he will shut.down or feel attacked. Gonna try to keep a level head.
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