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Stitch...i guess my problem is with he is allowed to open up to another relationship as long as it is a girl but I am not allowed to involve another man if I wanted to. Which I do not but it would be nice to know that it isn't just one sided with my husband. Also, our relationship is has been for a year or 2 now....i can only see adding someone else at this time would only make matters worse because I feel unattended to by him now - we don't go anywhere hardly, i have to beg him to watch a movie with me...and i can't remember the last time we had a date or he bought me a gift - he does not believe it holidays,birthdays etc...but if i forget his birthday gift it turns into a fight. He says he is not the gift giving type a guy - well fine then at least spend time with me and give to me emotinally. that is why i thind adding would only hurt our relationship also hurt someone new. I can't imagine someone wanting to feel as i feel in teh current relationship. I am sorry to ramble on but I fail to see how adding someone at this point would help matters.
I do try to talk to my huband about how I feel but it is no use... he says this is my world and my house and if you dont like it leave. So what is that all about?! I am not entitled to my feelings or opnions?
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