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FullofLove1052 -- good to hear from you.

Good to hear that in your own "time out" time you have been processing your end of the "elephant size problem" pieces and are owning them.

It is good to hear that you and Matt talked. It is good to hear that he is demonstrating concern and care toward your well being, the kids well being.
It is good to hear he is still away on his break and demonstrating concern and care for his own well being by doing so -- he'd been putting that aside for a while.

You also seem like you are demonstrating care and concern for his well being, your well being and the kids on your end of things. This is good too.

I remain hopeful that things are moving forward then and that slowly it will come together in as positive a way as possible.
  • Rebond and reconnect with Matt.
  • Or if a split is deemed the best fit, a peaceful split then from Matt.

But either way -- peace returning to your lives and the end of all this suffering. Hang in there.


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