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You are already pregnant (due in June), mothering a toddler, two stepchildren, and they are possibly trying to conceive right NOW?! Space is limited as is, and they are trying to add another little tiny being to the mix? Are they bloody serious? In what alternate universe does that make sense? Oh sweet baby Jesus. Yes, it is her body and her right, but at some point you have to slow down and take a hell of a lot of things into consideration. Children are expensive, and they have a lot of needs. They never ask to be born into chaos and dysfunction, which is what this is right now. You cannot turn them off when the NRE dies and fades. You are not just left out of the NRE. You are being left out of important familial decisions that will adversely affect you, your life, and the lives of your children. Oh my goodness. If you were to decide to leave, is there anywhere you can go? All of this stress is not good for you or the baby.
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