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Talking Take two

So our movie fell through last week but we are going tonight and I'm so elated! We met for coffee the other day and its been a roller coaster of GOOD emotions.
She younger than originally thought but I'm ok with that. My age is just a number.. I certainly don't act it.

C is more on board with this whole thing. We've been talking much more fluently about this prospect and he has admitted that he knows of one person he'd be interested in reconnecting with. She is nothing like me in the sense that she's loud, out spoken and gruff. She gets her way or else kinda thing. Am I phased? No, we are each others primaries and should we enter to poly with our prospectives than they will be of that knowledge ahead of time.
We've actually been watching Polyamory: Married and Dating and are taking from it what we feel is us, we're also seeing what we don't want.
I am reading The Ethical Slut out of curiosity and he's web surfing knowledge by the bevy.

We've lain our boundaries and at this point are comfortable with each others positions even if, by chance, a triad is not an option we won't be off put by our own Vee's. We are both in agreement that what we choose to do with our prospectives should be under our own discretion but we want as much communication as possible.

E is so gorgeous and to quote a post I came across today about scents, she smells SOO good. I can't wait for our movie tonight!!!!
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