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Default Clarify if possible

Hi I have been reading and reading more about Polyamory. But have a question regarding a definition seen on this site.

"Polyamorous relationships are intimate, meaning that there is some depth to the bond and it's more than just a casual fling."

Can anyone speak more to this. How does one know if this is what two are experiencing mutually. When one knows the other person is and has been in open relationships?

Can someone speak more to intimacy and what this covers. I have friends who I share deeply with but know it is not the same as an intimate relationship as is mentioned here.

I recently met someone who I connect with and we share alot of spiritually and they have shared alot. How do I know if I should bring up the meaning of our relationship? Of is it best to just let it takes its course and be with it as is?

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.
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