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Yesterday started off wonderful. H and I lazed around in the morning, had great sex, took the baby to the pool. We made dinner for the family, H and G went out with some friends. I felt appreciated, not left out, safe, good. H has been more affectionate with me the past week and warmer with me when I'm upset and its made a huge difference. They got home around midnight last night. I have a cold and was having trouble sleeping but wasn't even bothered by listening to them have sex on the pullout couch in the living room right outside my bedroom door. I was proud, feeling some compersion, all good stuff. They fall asleep in the living room and, still not able to sleep, iu venture out t dispose of the condom so the kids don't see it. There is no condom. They didn't use one. I know he came inside her, I heard it. She is likely ovulating. Wtf. Seriously, Wtf. I can't trust them, H might be pregnant. I'm not ready for that. The kids arent ready for it. G had a condom, were they trying? Without taking me or the family into account? The brief conversations I had w them this morning lead me to believe they were intending to get her pregnant. G overslept and missed the school bus. They drove the kids to school, wouldbt let me drive because of a snowstorm and my emotional state. I want to talk to G but he is at work and was being evasive and defensive this morning. I'm losing my mind over here. Bah
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