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Originally Posted by fauxsisticated View Post
That was a totally different situation, but I'm terrified that my desire to be poly might sabotage the best mono relationship I've ever had. My current SO is my best friend in the world, I really feel like he's the proverbial missing piece, my second half. However, I don't think all of a person's relationship needs can or should be fulfilled by just one other person. I think setting people up for the expectation of monogamy only leads to cheating and hurt feelings. Being poly, to me, is the ultimate in honesty. At least, it should be :/
I sincerely appreciate you sharing this.

Looking at this from the outside and from a mono perspective, I have to ask...Are you pushing yourself into poly because you want it in your heart or because you have a fear of investing too much in one person because of the failure you have seen in monogamous relationships?

I know you don't think all your needs "should" be filled by one person..but what happens if you find that all of yours are? Is it not ok to live in least for a while?

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