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Yes, firstly in incurring quantum events, we (the molecular world) are expanding the role that chance has on reality. By regulating (perhaps isolating unwanted effects of synthesised chance events) we (the white horses of causality) may be able to interact/create reality around us on a new plane.
There is always the very real possibility that I'm talking out my arse but it's a thought.
Re: Language.
Yup, things do generally happen gradually and often it's for the best but it doesn't always have to be slow and it's not always for the best. Look at evolution. Look at the chaotic mess of our bodies; the vas deferens, the recurrent laryngeal nerve, the inverted retina. Evolution works but it isn't ideal because it can't go back to the drawing board or design things. Similarly, the development of language works to a degree but it's hardly succinct. I'm well aware that there are other things that give a language value and I'm not in any way suggesting that we scrap all the others but a universal language designed to be succinct rather than just tinkering with the existing ones would be a great idea I think...though a bit further down the line perhaps.
Re: Satanism
Nah, I didn't stick to it for long but I was Christian in the sense that I held a belief in the existence of the Christian god but turned my back on the useless cunt and started pandering to Satan instead. After that I developed a stronger faith than ever before in a different fantasy wherein I was from a fairly civillised collective of aliens who'd used me in a scientific project to collect data by living as a human. I shit you not I believed it and would spend hours talking to the night sky, begging them to take me back. I was not the happiest of children.
Ah well, logic is prevailing now and one day I may even become a well adjusted human being. If there is such a thing.
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