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Originally Posted by Ravenesque View Post
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I see your point. There is a broadness to your statement which does not seem directed at any one organization.
Hi Raven,

Well yes, a statement like that (as you mentioned) has to be broad because it's so fundamental to humans and especially "groups" of them.
This I think kind of takes you down a path of understanding the difference between "spirituality" and "religion".
There's something in all of us that "knows" we're all connected, all part of something bigger than us. Sensing this, we reach out to try to find, to understand,what that all is. It's in our nature. We need to understand our world around us. The disadvantages of a big brain.
Although at the root of all the worlds great "religions" there are some simple, basic truths espoused by some enlightened individuals that attempt to lead people to discover that connectedness, those simple truths are often twisted by the too-big brains attached to beings with an equal desire for power & control. And that's when things go awry and "religions" surface under the guise of "bringing people together for better understanding". It seems that the true "understanding" necessary is a very personal and individual thing that can only come through states of high awareness and much exposure to all the variations that such simple truths can allude to.
Love and compassion seem to fall into that category

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