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Originally Posted by hersforever View Post
Yes. S and I are very much encouraged to have a relationship independent of my wife, as I also encouraged the two of them to build a relationship. Our first date was exciting and strange (it had been nearly 12 years since my last first date!) but easy all the same and the emotions formed three years ago come back very easily to us both.
Originally Posted by BSP83 View Post
I know P already answered this, but I wanted to address it as well. The fact is, I'm excited and happy to see this relationship between P and S. I'm excited about where it will lead, and I'm very encouraging. That's not to say it's not difficult...I was a nervous wreck when they went on their first date, but it was more because I wanted it to go well than anything else. Surprisingly to me, the first time they had sex alone, I was good with it. Not just okay, but good. The only jealousy I had came from wanting to be with them, having a good time and not watching the kids! lol

I would never expect us to work without having all 4 relationships, unless we were a Vee, and I understand that is different. Thank you for your welcome and your questions and support. We look forward to sharing our journey with you all.
To put first things last,: yes a Vee is different in degree -but there is still a relationship between the "arms" to some degree - so all 4 relationships are still present but with different pressures. My boys still have to relate as best friends and roommates/bedmates - even if not as lovers.

It is encouraging (to me) that you both responded in the affirmative on this question. Good, good! You are on the same page in terms of not actively trying to stifle the potential in this "new" relationship. I am excited for you! You seem to have the concept of "compersion" at the forefront. (Which isn't to say that there won't be speed-bumps...just that you seem to be a few steps into the game.)

Happy, happy, joy, Joy, JOY! (a Ren&Stimpy reference for the oldsters in the audience).

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