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Hm. Even if I wanted to contact the organizers of APW, I'm not sure I have any way to do so. I've looked through the entire website for the event and found no contact information whatsoever.

I did, however, find this:
What if I'm not polyamorous (or [insert label here])?

We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds, orientations, and levels of experience. We especially encourage those that consider themselves as "seeking" or "curious" to attend and learn more from their peers.

If you are not a proponent of polyamory or its intersecting sub-cultures and social movements, you are also welcome to attend. Remember that you will need to participate in a respectful manner. Ideally, you should have an open mind and a willingness to listen to and discuss differing opinions and perspectives. Please see our Rights and Responsibilities section for more details on what is expected from our participants.
Note how it is incumbent on them - the non-poly Other - to have an open mind . . . not upon us.


I'll keep looking for contact information. In the mean time, if anyone knows any of the organizers of APW, you could point them to this thread.

[Edit: I searched the site again, and found no "Rights and Responsibilities" section.]

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