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"In standard deterministic terms we're talking purely factors rather than variables. Variables only come into it with the element of chance as far as we have reason to believe (although we have little if any reason to believe that chance exists. If it does, it could well be confined to the realms of quantum mechanics)."
I think I see what you mean. I was actually using "variable" in an imprecise sense without conscious intent. Like you said, some things seem like "chance" because they're unpredictable to us given our limited scope of knowledge and computational ability.

"What if we instigate the occurance of quantum chance events and regulate their interaction with existence at large?"
By "instigate" I take it you mean that things we do can bring about further quantum chance events, making us participants in odds or chaos. I'm less certain how to interpret "regulate," unless you mean some future technology by which we can decide how quantum chance events play out?

Re: language ... I'm somewhat pragmatic in that area; that is, I think changes in language evolve slowly, so I am resigned to working with what we have for the most part. Hopefully sometime in the future, people will have a better-defined and more-progressive way of expressing themselves in everyday life.

Re: fundamental errors that people harbor ... humanity has far to go before attaining even a truly civilized existence. However, I like to see most people as basically good people who sometimes do bad things. For sentient life as a whole, the road to Heaven may be paved with good intentions. I just don't expect us to travel that road in a few generations.

Re: Satanism ... I can't tell if you actually believed in a being called Satan, or were more of just the wiccan/heretic camp and perceived as a "worshipper of Satan" by Christian persons. It doesn't sound like something you stayed with a long time, in any event.
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