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Default New Step Wrong Direction

So, we have recently celebrated our 6 month mark but our biggest issue which has been on-going is the infidelity, which ultimately affects me. Glenn was okay for a little, he had his morose moments and now everything has stopped. The fights, meaningful kisses and genuine hugs and "I love you's". He is just dead. (Not literally but emotionally). I just know that he said it was going to be like this, but I mean the lack of emotions too? he is working exclusively more on with Sam which I understand but still, I am starting to get jealous. I have never really been jealous but now I admit that I am. Which definitely is not the right way... I am just soo frustrated right now. I want to get better with him but when he is so dead and can't even say "I love you" anymore and mean it, what does that leave for me. He keeps saying I have high hopes and he isn't sure he will get better, part of him wants me to find someone else, and then just I don't know how the hell I can deal with this. >.> Is it really better for me to leave?
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