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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
In your new dynamic are you and the girlfriend allowed/encouraged to develop your own relationship/have sex independent of your wife? (I bring this up because we often see issues when people are creating a triad when the newest person is only supposed to be with the original couple "all three together".)
I know P already answered this, but I wanted to address it as well. The fact is, I'm excited and happy to see this relationship between P and S. I'm excited about where it will lead, and I'm very encouraging. That's not to say it's not difficult...I was a nervous wreck when they went on their first date, but it was more because I wanted it to go well than anything else. Surprisingly to me, the first time they had sex alone, I was good with it. Not just okay, but good. The only jealousy I had came from wanting to be with them, having a good time and not watching the kids! lol

I would never expect us to work without having all 4 relationships, unless we were a Vee, and I understand that is different. Thank you for your welcome and your questions and support. We look forward to sharing our journey with you all.
B-That's me! About to turn 30, mom to 3 brats, married to P for 11 years and dating S.

P-my husband

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