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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
Dinged heart wants you to know that this could have a major impact on the children, especially your girlfriend's children as she is the one who is going through an "awakening". If you require more details about this, dinged heart will be glad to explain it to you because no one else on this forum cares about how poly can affect (not "effect") children.

I wanted to get this in here early on in the thread so we don't have to spend 3 1/2 hours searching for it later.
Thank you both for your can trust that we have thought A LOT about how it might impact the children. They all know nothing except that S is my best friend and I'm hers. We are all waking a very fine line in front of and around the kids for now, because it's best for them at this point in time.

I'm confused by what you mean about S being the one going through an "awakening". Please explain. Thanks!
B-That's me! About to turn 30, mom to 3 brats, married to P for 11 years and dating S.

P-my husband

S-my/our girlfriend
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