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Unhappy He doesn't want to be poly

Hi, im new here and new to this lifestyle. I am 33 and my husband 35. We have been married almost 6 years but were also high school sweethearts. I was married once before to an extremely jealous and controlling man before i found my way back to my current husband whom i live dearly! I truly believe we are soulmates but here is the problem... I have always been a flirt with other men but also extremely honest with my husband. I finally learned about polyamory and after several months of research and talking with another inexperienced couple, we formed a bond with them. We then became intimate with them but just short of sex. The next day my husband and i left for a trip with friends which he ignored me for the first 4 days. I then found out he was with one of our single friends at a club making out with her all night. She wasn't part of our agreement nor did he have permission from me. He then proceeded to tell me that he no longer
wanted to be poly and that if i did then we would divorce.

I feel so lost right now. I feel like i have lost this couple i bonded with because the male half will not still be with me without his wife getting to be with my husband, but i also feel like i am losing my husband too, now matter which lifestyle i choose. I feel like he teased me and then yanked it all away.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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