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In standard deterministic terms we're talking purely factors rather than variables. Variables only come into it with the element of chance as far as we have reason to believe (although we have little if any reason to believe that chance exists. If it does, it could well be confined to the realms of quantum mechanics).
Hmmm, that gives me an idea...
...if that is the case and the only time chance effects us is when these quantum events have an effect on our existence, then what if we instegate the occurance of quantum chance events and regulate their interaction with existence at large? True - we still have no free will in this but in doing so, we may be able to alter the course of existence. I don't know what causes chance (if anything) but this would be a new layer of occurance no?

Re: Ambiguosity of the word 'chance'. Yeah, I still use the word to signify something other than a quantum event. Something closer to 'a vaule that is unknown by me/unknown by anyone/unknowable due to known unknown contributing factors/known unknowable contributing factors (like quantum events)/the possibility (there's a similarly missused word) of there being unknown unknown factors/the possibility that even given all relevant factors, we'd not be able to do the math.
Maybe we need a new word but for the time being I'll just say 'chance'.
Perhaps it's true to say that globally, language is less than adequate to convey progressive thinking - even with modern philo terms. Wouldn't it be nice to have a universal language for this purpose?
Re: Valuing 'diversity in personalities'.
Shit, I'm all for diversity but at the moment, homosapiens generally differ in the most pitiful of ways. (Almost all of which are directly the fault of our skewed perception of self (the rest being medical issues that would be less likely to have occurred/far more likely to be curable in a world where the fallacy of free will is forgotten)).
Once we begin to iron out these fundamental flaws, we will start to really explore the worth in personality as well as begin to make close interpretations of our emotions rather than continually swamped in our defence mechanisms.
There is no reason why 'Heaven' cannot be diverse in itself.
Satanism as I understand it is the name given to non-christians like pagan, wiccan or heratic but it supposes a belief in Satan who is obviously included in Christian superstition. I acknowledge that many so called Satanists don't actually believe any Christian mythology but consider Satanism to be a hedonistic philosophy.
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