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Well, after having another seemingly endless argument about bullsh*t, I put my foot down and told W I was ending our open marriage. I contacted any paramours we have had, past and present, including B, of course, and let them know. Rather than deciding to work on our marriage, W decided she wants to separate.

I think it's in the best interests of us all. If I had my way, she would have very limited contact with the girls, but knowing how difficult and traumatic that might be, we agreed on some things. The girls and I are going to continue to live here in the house, but she is going to come over every other day to care for the girls. I only allowed this because she agreed to 1) see a physchiatrist for a full mental evaluation, and 2) I am going to be here on her days with them so I can observe her interactions with them and make sure the girls are going to be OK. I've told her if I see her rages towards the kids, or if she refuses to see the doctor, this deal is off and I am going to go to an attorney to try to limit her time with them.

We've worked out a financial plan that is commensurate with our income levels. She was actually pretty giving in this regard, and agreed to pay for more of the bills than I was asking for. She agreed to give me 1/2 equity in the home even though I will be paying for only 1/4 of it, and agreed to give me 1/2 of her substantial 401(k) funds she had built up over the years.

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