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Truth of the matter is I don't feel that some things are respected or understood completely. I say that because I don't get the feeling of 100% commitment or agreement with certain things I've suggested. Case and point. Our daughter's trial school term begins in July. During our last session, my wife claimed to understand and be on board moving ahead with the plans. Fast forward to a couple of days ago and she's back at it again. My wife: "I guess Si and I can handle having a long-distance relationship, but if we were to reconsider and stay, that wouldn't even have to be an option." I can't say for sure, but her girlfriend has to be buzzing in her ear. She hears me, but it's like everything talked about in therapy oozes out of her ears like green slime that acts as amnesia agent. We take one step forward and ten back. I know what she's trying to do. Make me feel bad and like I'm the cause that they'll be in a long-distance relationship. Totally forgetting that this is what she has always wanted and ultimately decided on after many discussions. She still wants me to compromise and bend, but I won't break like she's hoping. Hell, I've been doing that, and it has to change. I can't keep being so accommodating and sacrificing my happiness to please her. God forbid if they break up. That may end up being my fault, too. I can hear it now. "Matt insisted that we move, and the distance just proved to be too much of a strain, so I feel that he's indirectly the blame for the untimely demise of our relationship." If I rolled my eyes, this would be the perfect spot for it.

I'm giving it time, but there's no guarantee any of it will do any good. I know there will be setbacks. I still don't believe my wife is fully grasping everything I'm saying. I swear she's only trying now because divorce is on the table, and I think she knows I mean business and that I will leave her if nothing changes. She probably thought it was a game and figured she'd call my bluff. I flat out asked her why she was trying now and acting like she cares so much when just weeks and months ago she didn't give a damn about my concerns? Valid question. Still no answer.
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