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Matt-maybe that is unfortunate. Maybe not.
To be frank, it took over a year of having his feelings FULLY RESPECTED before Maca let go of the topic of divorce.
Two years before he could stomach the kids talking about GG.

A month-you have made awesome steps towards facing what matters to you. But I don't hear that you feel respected or understood regarding your needs.

I am glad she is admitting to some unreasonable things in counseling. So that you felt heard.

And Jane-yes, I have written ad nauseum on putting kids first. In a variety of examples. Including DIngedhearts original thread.

But I have limited my comments here in recent years. I have other higher priority obligations.

I only read this thread today as someone pointed it out to me and I am sitting in the hospital with my pukey, prego kiddo while she gets rehydrated and antinausea meds.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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