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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
I'm thinking entirely different now and searching for solutions that won't make everybody miserable in the end. I can't think or function while just sitting in a room brainstorming. I need to be able to think freely. Not with my heart but with my head. My heart is on an extended leave of absence. Now, that I have started the process of doing that, I can think of things that need to be addressed in therapy and find ways of communicating them the right way to my wife. I can't force her to be receptive or make any changes, but I can try to come up with ideas and solutions that aren't unilateral. That's the best that I can do from my end.
Sounding much more clear-headed and sensible in this post. Maybe people should suggest finding a place of peace instead of suggesting calm down. Because the "I am calm" posts read so very less sensibly than this one.

Fyi-my bf and my sister are coparents. They were full-time actually. However, the bottomline still gets decided between dh and I.
There is such a thing as having too many chiefs, not enough indians. Accepting input is great, from myriad sources. But-to make final decisions together, there must be complete teamwork.

I wonder if terminology differences might be catching things up regarding this stuff-between wife &husband?
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