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Originally Posted by hersforever View Post
I have shared in a Wife-Led Marriage for the past five years (mostly... lot of long stories about that!). So as we work on bringing our girlfriend into our relationship in general, we are also working on figuring out how to bring S (our girlfriend) into the WLM side of things at the same time.
First thing to understand: You don't "bring S into" your relationship. S and your wife have a relationship. You and your wife have a relationship. Now, you and S will have a relationship. Then there is a 4th relationship consisting of the three of you collectively. But there will always be a pairing between you and your wife, and S will never be in that pairing. Your WLM is contained within that pairing.

How do you envision her role in your ideal triad? A WLM is fundamentally two people: one wife to lead, one husband to follow. That doesn't mean the arrangement can't be expanded to include more people, but it's unclear to me how you propose to do that, i.e. from what angle. Do you want her to become a second Domme to you? Or does your wife want her to become a second submissive?

I'm also concerned about the terminology "bring S (our girlfriend) into the WLM side of things." You can't do that unless she wants to. You're welcome to explain the concept to her, show her how it works in your own marriage, and offer her the possibility to join in. But if she's not into that, then you and your wife have to respect that and let her do things her own way. Maybe that means things don't work out the way you imagine. You have to be accepting of that possibility.
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