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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

I did have to look up WLM when I read your wife's post. (Although outsiders frequently ask me if I "wear the pants" in the family - as though there can only be one pair of pants - this was unfamiliar to me.)

Attempting to transition a Vee into a Triad is often an exciting but VERY challenging endeavor. Lots of communication and baby steps would seem to be in order. (I can't comment on how the D/S/s dynamic will come into play - I don't have any experience in that - but there are plenty of people here that do).

Just a few questions (which you don't have to answer if you don't want to):

How long has your girlfriend been your wife's girlfriend prior to becoming a shared girlfriend?

In your new dynamic are you and the girlfriend allowed/encouraged to develop your own relationship/have sex independent of your wife? (I bring this up because we often see issues when people are creating a triad when the newest person is only supposed to be with the original couple "all three together".)

How old are the kids?


PS. if DH and BGs exchange seems a little cryptic to you - they are engaged in a conversation in another thread about how the forum discusses the topic of poly and children with newcomers
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