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Default Newish to Poly in NM

I've had a lot of fun reading through the forum notes, especially when I realized how many are based in NM, where I hail from.

Background, I realized a number of years ago, that 1 man, 1 woman, wasn't what I was looking for, but the relationship I was in at the time, didn't have the security to accept a more open status.

Now, I'm single, and have been for quite a while. Long enough to sit down and figure out what I want at least .

I'm a single mom so I'll admit straight up that I'm suspicious, and a little crazy protective about my kids. At the same time, I would love to have strong male influences in my children's life to show them it's possible and yes, good men exist.

Shockingly enough in this day and age, I've never had a female encounter, and have never wanted one. I am strictly dickly as they say, and perfectly ok with that.

I am hopefully going to find a relationship with 2 men, preferably 2 men either in a relationship or 2 men who are friends well enough to be able to share a relationship with a singular woman. They can be either straight or bi, I'm not going to be picky on that, just that they're a pair.

So cheers to all in the hopes of finding happiness with what they are looking for themselves.
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