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Originally Posted by PixiRosenThorne View Post infection, that turned into an abscess, that turned into emergency oral surgery. I came down to the hospital with them of my own volition and stayed for the entire wait to see a doctor. I couldnt not be with them... took funds out of my bank for who the hell knew what and sat with them for 5 hours. The money it turns out paid for his oral surgery consultation
Why did you pay for your bf's oral surgery? Does he not have insurance? Are he and his wife broke? How long have you been seeing this guy?


Now Ive been invited to dinner at their place when K is able to eat real food. R is going to cook. I hear she is amazing! But what the hell do I wear to something like this?! Its a first date. I havent been on a first date in ages! Even the dates I go on with K are more of prolonged, possibly romantic hang out sessions (which is fine, neither of us need to impress).
How long have you been seeing K? Did you not have a first date with him? How is it you've been seeing him for so long you have no idea what to wear on a first date, yet you've never met his wife? She only wants to meet you since you were nice at the hospital? Was she jealous before?

I'd wear whatever I wear on a daily basis, nice jeans, a clean tshirt and Chucks. But, I'm a hippie. The Converses are a concession to fashion because usually I wear Crocs, or hiking shoes or Wellies if the weather is bad. :P

Oh yea, and I have a job interview with the District Manager to be an Assistant Manager of a store. Kinda freaking out over that too.
Good luck.
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