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Yes, life extension is unlikely in this generation (alas for me in my selfishness). I believe it will happen in some future generation, but of course no one can "predict the future." Not with that many variables.

The number of variables involved in how we "make choices" is probably one of the reasons why we have thought (in the past) that we had free will. Decisionmaking is an extremely complex process. As the guy was saying in the talk, so much goes on in our subconscious of which we're unaware. So due to the complexity, we've been able to say, "It's all very mysterious; it must be free will." But as the guy said, if I can't predict my next thought, how then am I controlling that thought?

It's also hard to lay aside the free will paradigm because it's built into our language. It's hard (some would argue convoluting) to purge our everyday conversations of their "free will elements." I tend to just suggest to people ahead of time, if I think they're open to the idea, that I mean words like "choice" in a colloquial way.

Yes, I believe that Heaven exists somewhere in the future. An "on Earth as it is in Heaven" type of Heaven. A "the meek shall inherit the Earth" type of Heaven. But I can't exactly predict what that Heaven will be like, as everyone's idea of Heaven is a little different, and I value the diversity of our various personalities.

Re: Satanism of the fundamentally Christian type ... LOL, there's a mind-bender.
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