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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Anyway, I am not your typical woman, and I wouldn't think of a dinner hosted by a bf's wife at her home as a first date, but I think a slightly dressier version of business casual would work for dinner there. Nice slacks and a pretty blouse, with a little bling should do it. I would say not to wear anything that is uncomfortable or that you have to fidget with, if being there for dinner will make you nervous enough.
This is pretty spot-on, solid advice.

And I wouldn't wear ridiculously high heels if I were you, either, but that's me. Those kinds of "fuck me" shoes were originally made for lying down, not walking around, and I think women look like jackasses wearing them in the street. That's why I call them "Stupid Shoes." But I digress again.
The stupid end of my closet starts in the 4-6" heel zone. (There's actually a stupid end in my closet. There's animal print in there, Iron Fist shoes, other label items that I consider fun, or works of art, or something crazy I can enjoy.) I don't think a three inch heel at a dinner party that reads as a thank you/date type thing is over the top. I think your judgment is a little harsh here. I think clothing should be fun, and I think if you like people and perceive something as a date and are unsure conveying any sort of sexual energy through dress, shoes are the safest measure, fun, and the least threatening. And a one inch gold kitten heel can be just as hot as three inch black leather boots, but yeah, people look like dummies if they can't walk in them. We're on the same page there.
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