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Let's worst case it, pretend he was out to grab a piece of your pie, got it, and ran like a thief in the night.

Did you enjoy it? Did you use protection? If yes to both of those questions, while it's disappointing you didn't get what you wanted precisely, you had a nice time with a fun guy. And now you're a little wiser for the experience.

Today someone told me not to move so fast on a kiss on a third date. And it was good advice. I might have scared them off, but feeling that strong desire was great. I can deal with a little rejection, but passion is something I can't live without. And I truly believe if we learn to take an honest look at ourselves and love ourselves for who we are, someone (or several someones) are going to say, "Hey, that's the person I want to be with."

Have safe, sane, consensual sex that is mentally and emotionally for you with a partner that cares about you, and whether that lasts for one night or one million, you'll never lose.
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