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Here's my set of rules when dating women:

1) Always wear your good underwear. Men don't care. Even if you never take your jacket off, you'll feel sexier. For some reason, it's always harder for me to feel sexier around women unless I'm "put together."

2) Do your nails. Since it's coinciding with a job interview, do a nice, neutral color. Save the electric blue acrylic tips for another day.

3) You're sitting around the house. If you want to wear your three inch sexy heels, this would be the time.

4) Don't out-dress her. Whether you're lovers or metamours, women deserve to be the queen of the castle and the sexiest thing in the house. She probably will dress to kill. My recommendation is tasteful, conservative jewelry, dark wash boot cut mid rise jeans or dress slacks, a fitted but not overly revealing top, and a structured jacket (leather, corduroy, suit jacket, just something that gives you a nice silhouette).

One of the funniest things a female Mormon missionary ever said to me when we were discussing men is, "Honey, you don't wake up to personality." While you're beautiful in sweats and pajama bottoms, baby, you're a Lamborghini to your lover, and when his eyes are on you and you're flawless, you're unstoppable.
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