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You know, it may be that she is looking for happiness through being with B, whereas deep down she has an unhappiness (e.g. pit in her stomach) that she may always have to live with to some extent (but can reduce and manage). What I mean is, she may have a chemical thing going on, and those things have a life of their own.

I just put that out there as a possibility because I know I've had that kind of experience in life. Chemical unhappiness can be a real bear to get under control, and I'm not sure it ever goes away completely, though it may for some people. For me it hasn't, and I can't tell you how many meds, treatments, and herbs I've tried over the years. But meds may be the only thing that has at least gotten me under control. I used to have terrible mood swings, and I treated the people I loved in ways that I'm not proud of. It's hard to even describe what it's like being in that dark place. I guess it just feels like the whole world is out to get you.

These are my experiences I'm describing, so I don't know how much of it applies to W. But perhaps some of it does. She may not want to take Zoloft again, but she may need to get with a pdoc and try meds of some kind to see what will help. Personal counseling may help too. The point is, it would be wise for her to say, "I'm going to seek professional help."

I actually suspect that B is already thinking about ending things with W, though I could be wrong. If he does, then she won't have much choice but to take a look at this deep unhappiness that is within her. She'll have to see that it's hurting her family as well as herself. Maybe B is just a band-aid, in that sense.

I hope you guys are able to have a productive conversation during your trip to Asheville. You could use the break.

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