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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
This is a great post SwtchwitchD! Personal experiences are a great source to learn from because they are lived, not hypothesized. Thanks for this!

I find this an interesting statement because the idea of having to negotiate being monogamous is foreign to me. I am monogamous, I don't chose to be it....The idea of negotiating monogamy honestly intrigues me. Why would you live monogamously if you aren't? Isn't that just asking for trouble?
Well, when I've been in monogamous relationships, it's been because I was only interested in that person. I'm polyflexible, and when I'm in love with someone who is only in love with me, monogamy just makes sense.

If I was in love with someone who was only in love with me but had 100th of my sex drive, and there was someone else I was very close to and attracted to who felt the same about me, and the 2 of them got along really well (to the point of having conversations like "Anteaters should be reuseable!" "Yes, I can understand needing more dynamite, but not anteaters", as well as the more obvious things, like that the game is duck duck gray duck and that you should think Minnesotan accents are really sexy).....well, then maybe monogamy would not be the most obvious choice.
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