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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
... She never knew that Harry and I had been intimate. At first she hadn't wanted to know about any involvements he'd had before they got married. Fair enough. But then, a few months ago, she had asked him point blank about me and apparently he lied. He lied and said we'd never had a thing going on between us besides friendship.

... the idea that of course I knew Harry would never lie to her and so how could I have possibly thought I was going behind her back? Once she laid it all out, I was at a complete loss. I would have sworn to you that Harry was a man of great integrity and just would not lie to the face of someone he loved. What on earth was I basing that on?

Holy Crap...I just had to say that this completely rang a bell for me. (Sorry if this gets long.)

Both MrS and Dude know my entire sexual history (and I their's) - basically anything we haven't explicitly told each other is an oversight that simply never came up in conversation.

We were going to the house of MsJ and her husband ("Rube" in my Journey thread). MsJ has been my occasional FWB for several years and her husband was MrS's best friend in HS...and also a friend of mine from that time (I actually met MrS because of this mutual network of friends). MrS and Dude both know that I had sex with MsJ's husband years and years ago (20ish years) - as a FWB type thing, no romantic entanglement.

Before going to their house for the evening Dude asked me specifically if MsJ knew that I had slept with her husband way back then. I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that she did. I actually remember a conversation between me, her, and another friend-wife ("MrClean" in my "Journey" thread) shortly after they (MsJ and Rube) had moved in together (must be 10-15 years ago now) - where I was talking about how everyone at my wedding had slept with the bride, the groom, or each other. I don't recall the exact conversation - but my recollection is that I understood that MsJ "knew" that I had slept with "Rube" - but that I told her that she would have to get the details from him. (And that "MrClean's" wife "knew" that I hadn't slept with her not-then husband because he came along as a friend after the whole "everyone sleeping with everyone" phase). I even feel that we had talked about it on occasions after that...

WELL, after I left the boys there it apparently came up as a topic of conversation. And MsJ FLIPPED HER LID and claimed she never, ever knew! I actually suspect that she mixed up the stories of me - who he slept with but didn't have a romantic "thing" with and another girl ("PonyGirl" in my "Journey" thread) that he had a "thing" for and never slept with. I think this may also have been influenced that she had recently found out that he HAD cheated on her AFTER they were together/married (something that I NEVER would have thought him capable of!). But JEESH! - I think that she is well aware of this "ancient history" and then a whole "kerfluffle" occurs...WTF!?!


PS. I don't know that this is relevant - other than commiserating in the outcomes that happen when you think/assume/know that someone "knows" something...and they don't (or don't remember that they do).
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