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Hi and welcome! Are you experienced in D/s? Are they? I am not, but I just wanted to say that, although I'm not into it myself, even I know that the purpose of Domming someone is to make sure the Sub is truly benefited in ways that support their own personal growth and whatever life goals they have for themselves. Don't automatically agree that a Dom will have any say over certain aspects of your life if you don't feel it actually works for you, just because they want to be your Doms.

Do you have a written contract with them? Is this a 24/7 kind of deal? How do they say they will work to benefit you? I think that their demand to approve any lovers of yours is bullshit. It's still your body, your heart, your life. And it isn't selfish at all to want time with them that isn't shared with other people. You have every right to ask for privacy to be with one, the other, and both together. Just because they are your Doms doesn't mean they can't respect your time, nor that you have no say about how to live your life ... ugh, I think I said enough. I can't say any more.

Edit: It's possible I may have misread your intro. It did sound to me like a bit of a complaint about your dynamic, so I was responding to that element.
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