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So tonight Runic Wolf is on his first date in almost a year, not counting his FWB. Though that relationship is pretty much over, due to her behavior. Wendigo and I talked over Skype, our fingers crossed for him to have a good time and for them to continue to hit it off. They met last night when we went to our first BDSM munch. Runic Wolf has been needing to get out and make more friends and since we're pretty much 1/2 the regulars in our poly group and the other half is his ex and her significant others, we decided we needed a new way to make friends. We felt at home almost immediately; they're good people. And when a cute girl sat down next to him and kept glancing shyly at him hoping he would talk to her, I smiled. And they talked about their mutual love of pickles of all things. It was fun watching and even more cool when at the end of the night and we were getting up to leave she decided to follow us out, when there were still plenty of people staying. She hugged us goodbye and asked him to look her up on Fet and OKCupid. They talked some more after we all got to our respective homes and decided to go out tonight. He's been gone since 7 and it's not almost 11. So something must be going right.

So on the one hand, yay! My sweetheart is dating again. On the other hand, work is picking up. It's the time of year when jobs start coming open and I have job coaching to do as well as job development. I placed someone on Monday who will be starting in 2 weeks. Which is great for job security, but sucks for juggling multiple relationships. Especially when one's husband and boyfriend just got informed that they are required to pull 5 hours of OT a week. They'd already been working an extra 1/2 day a week because they are short handed at work. So now they'll be working 50 hours a week, over the course of 6 days a week. Wendigo and I had just talked a couple of weeks ago about having a longer date sometime soon, but when I asked about the logistics of it now, he said it that as it stands now, it doesn't look good for us getting the opportunity. He's promised Pretty Lady that he'll stay home on Sundays, which would leave Saturday afternoon's for us, after a 50 hour work week; all he'd do is sleep. So we're looking at getting together after work on Wednesday, and hoping that it won't be another 3 months before we can have a date after that. (Job coaching assignments last a minimum of 3 months until we can be sure that the person can work on their own with just the natural supports of their employment setting).
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